Thursday, August 23, 2007

I swear I just saw George Clinton...

In the seattle public library. It's funny that tour we announced tour
was over but still have stories to tell. So I'm in the library and I see
what looks to be the head of a cockatoo coming up the escalator and I
think to myself, " I gotta check this freak out". So what do I see? A
black man with a a grey beard but multi colored weave in jeans embroided
with eccentric patch work and a basket ball jearsey. Next to him are an
older man and women, both in business suits. HAD TO BE HIM. Nobody copy
that style but the p-funk all star himself.

So yeah we went to canada and it was awesome. People were smoking weed
in the streets, the traffic lights were flashing green and we( marc and
I) won the " team who traveled the furthest to be here" prize in the 1st
ever vancouver island bike polo tournement.

What?!? Yes we happend to me another crowd of bike punks who took us in
and treated us like one of their own. We even got to sleep in an actual
bed. More on our northern trip later. I need to find a taco bell!
--Scott E. Blozie

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Craigdon said...

i was looking forward to having you guys visit in texas. if you two are ever heading this way...ya got a place to stay.