Saturday, August 11, 2007

my pictures


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Live from CAMP Fight TED

My explanation of the red woods.

Some pictures of our trip

You can see some photos that I've taken by checking out this site. Scottie's photos. I'll get around to explaining the photos a bit later.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Greetings from Portland

So We've been in town for roughly three whole days and it's safe to say that I do love this city while only having experienced a small fraction of all its splendors. In my short time here, I've already eaten some really excellent food, drank a dirty stick water tea that numbs your mouth and experienced probably the the most amazing evening of Karaoke ever; you bet I sang Van Halen. The highlight though was the gaggle of dot-commers there celebrating going international with their website. They did a rendition of the ultimate bar tune, piano man. It was amazing. All of our stuff is a mess around the house so I cannot seem to find my camera, but I promise pictures once i do! I'm off though to go have students of oriental medicine practice fake accupunture on my body in exchange for a twenty dollar gift card to trader joe's. Yes I am whore, but you would be too, given the situation.


Monday, August 6, 2007

And they descended upon the city...


Day 17 and 18 (Today, August 6th)

So were taking a pitstop in Portland and it's been quite the big to-do
thus far. I've been in town for roughly 18 hours and already slept on a
couch (Yes!), went to on the better parties I've experienced in some
time and had a yoga history lesson/ competition. Oh yeah I had another
shower too, that was pretty good too.

I think that I will check out Powell's, the notoriously huge bookstore
and start in on Harry Potter. I found out the copy I obtained was
totally bogus. I had a hunch though, the writing seemed exceptionally

That's it for now, if you've been here before and can recommend a place
to check, please call,text, IM, or message me. Hope you all have a
beautiful day!

P.s. I changed the features of the blog so anyone can leave comments,
not just bloggers. So please leave some comments of support or anything
interesting we should know about.

Day 16
"It's More Than a Feeling (more than a feeling)"

Anyone know that song, believe it was by Boston. I'll have you all know
I'm in quite the singing mood today (Saturday), in fact when I awoke
today I found myself singing showtunes. "Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh
what a beautiful! I've got a wonderful feeeeeeling, everything's going
my way"

Anyone? That's from Oklahoma. A bit of trivia for you all, I was
actually in a production of Oklahoma in sixith grade but missed one of
the performances due to a stomach virus. I played the roll of a cowboy
and had no speaking parts but did have to learn a ragtime dance

So why are we in such good spirits, you ask? Marc and I had the utmost
pleasure of staying with one of the nicest, and most engaging women we
have ever met. After coasting through the mean streets of Oregon's farm
land we decided it was getting dark and time to close up shop. The
trouble was The terrain was quite flat, leaving us with little cover to

We decided to knock on the door of a nearby house and ask to camp on
their lawn. A young girl (19 is my guess) answered and quickly ran away.
I'm sure most of you would if you saw us, but then Donna answered and
invited us in. She got a good look at us and said we needed baths, but
not before eating yogurt and granola. We ended up sitting around
chatting until midnight about a plethora of engaging topics. She even
did our laundry for us! So we camped on her lawn and then spent all this
morning until the early afternoon, talking up a storm, eating omlettes
and homade corn bread, I mean she even ground the corn herself. It was a
little sad getting back on the bikes and leaving Donna, but we all had
things to do today and there's no use getting all sad about nothing but
good times.