Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Mission Statement and Explanation of Things to Come

Welcome readers and to begin: Thank you. I cannot express the graditude that I feel when thinking that some of you are taking time from your extremely busy lives to check out what a couple of pieces of shit are doing with their lives. Let me start by answering a few questions.

I thought that you had a very strong distate for blogs?

Tis very true my friend, but after long talks with several of my peers it's come to my understanding that many of you have shown general interest in hearing about the progression of our trip. This blog will be a means for us (Marc and Scottie) to share our experiences without having to try and play telephone tag with all of you. We're actually trying to use our phones as little as possible. So before calling, Please read the blog. We're as safe as we need to be. If we get into trouble, we'll let someone know. Feel free to leave any messages of support, discouragement or anything else you want us to know. We'll be thinking about you while we ride.

So what is this blog all about anyway?

In May of 2007 I (Scottie) graduated from college and noticed how eager my peers had become at the prospect of entering the "real world". Some chose to seek out careers, while others began pursuing further formal education. None of these things sat well with me. Having spent the last eighteen years in various forms of schooling I decided I was ready for a break and while stability, comfort, and bi-weekly pay checks are very enticing, they simply are not for me.

Sometime earlier in the spring Marc had talked about his desire of getting a motorcyle and riding home to Connecticut after his time working with Americorp had ended. To hiss Dismay he was unable to get motorcycle endorsement, however that didn't stop him from dreaming up something equally as wild. Rather than using engine power, he decided the trip would be more adventerous if he went via bicycle. After some serious deliberation and long talks, we decided the trip would be more rewarding than anything else I could with my summer and it probably be in my best interest to join. And so it was written.

This Blog will document our travels as we spend roughly three and half months traveling across America by bicycle carrying everything we feel we need to survive on those bikes.

If you're Traveling by bike, how will you update this?

As many of you know, I own a sidekick which has internet access. Much of the updates will written using that device. Should we have the opportunity to use more powerful technology we will try to include other medias such as pictures and video.

Why are there so many grammatical errors on the page?

If you have ever tried to use the keyboard on a sidekick or similar device you'll know the buttons are very small. Also since the focus of the trip will be on the ride and experiences themselves, less attention will be paid to the actual writing of the blog. It's not that we're idiots, we just see the whole thing as very informal.

So what's your cause? What are you trying to raise awareness of by doing this?

Nothing! Well, that's a little much. FUN! While it's true that gas prices are radically out of control and we depleting resources far too quickly, that's not the reason for our ride. We like to have fun and thought this would be fun. No political agenda, no religious message, just two dudes trying to see what this world is made of.

Speaking for myself, I am a (wannabe) writer. The idea of the American Novel is something I give much thought to. I've read Kerouac,Thompson,Twain and Lee. I've even read the more modern Dellilo. Accurate indeed, still somehow all of these portraits never seem to gel with my image of America. This trip is a way to not only expand my own idea of what America means, but to see how the current climate compares to the portraits painted by each of these greats.

Also, what else am I going to do until LOST comes back on the air?

How often will you post?
When ever we feel the time is right to let you all know of our travels. In the future, none of the posts will be anywhere near this long. (I hope)

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to hear from all you while we're on the road!